Role of an Accountant in New York Business

Accountant NYC

An Accountant is a person who facilitates the financial activities of a company. The main aim of Garcia and associates is to collect and manage the accounts receivable, the accounts payable and the cash flow within the period of financial operations. As per the regulations of the state accountants are not allowed to charge their fees until they have delivered their report and they are only allowed to bill for their services after they have delivered their reports. The purpose of an Accountant in a company is to make sure that the financial matters of the company are managed in a proper manner so that there is no issue between the management and the owners.

Garcia and associates are specialized people who have a good knowledge of the tax laws and should also be familiar with the latest changes that are made in the field of accounting and financial statements. We have the capability to understand the financial statements produced by the company and should understand the business plans of the company.