CPA In South Hempstead

Finding a Long Island CPA Firm in Nassau County

You want a South Hempstead CPA firm known for quality and service. A trusted advisor should be able to provide insightful advice helping clients make informed financial decisions. You want to know you are getting close, personal attention for your business or personal financial matters. Garcia & Associates C.P.A. firm provides outstanding service to Nassau County clients predicated on their three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness, and quality. Our team strives to provide personal and professional service to every client. Get in touch with us for your individual or business accounting needs.

What You Need to Know About a CPA Firm in Nassau County

While all CPAs are accountants, not all accountants are CPAs. A Certified Public Accountant has earned a professional designation through education, experience, and licensing.

In addition to completing a higher education program of study in accounting they must also acquire professional experience then they are allowed to sit in the Uniform CPA Exam and must pass before being licensed. The exam is developed and graded by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). Licensing is done on a state basis. Only after fulfilling all the requirements and licensing may a person use the designation CPA.

There is a lot of preparation and work that goes into becoming a licensed CPA. This knowledge and experience benefit you or your business in navigating the waters of tax preparation and financial planning.

Things to Take into Consideration When Looking for a South Hempstead CPA Firm

Not everyone is in a situation where they feel the need for a licensed CPA. A single young adult who has one job and taking advantage of a 401k through company offerings might at this stage in life be good with simple tax preparation for the time being. But there are many instances where it is beneficial to partner with a trusted Certified Public Accountant.

A CPA is beneficial to the young family who has college years ahead of their growing children. When it comes to retirement and estate planning working with a trusted financial planner can benefit not only in growing your wealth but to add the peace of mind that things are properly taken care of.

Your CPA firm is also qualified to guide you throughout the year in planning strategically for tax time which can help relieve some of the anxiety many people feel at this time of year. And your CPA can represent you to the IRS should you be audited or have your tax returns questioned.

When you are starting a business entity, always consult a trusted CPA who has business experience. They can advise you on the best business structure to set up and explain why that is the best structure for you and your business. They can also help you set up the corporation and file the appropriate forms with the IRS.

The best way to find a CPA firm like Garcia & Associates, C.P.A. PLLC is by referral. Asking friends and business colleagues is a good way to find a local Nassau County CPA firm.

Reasons You Need a CPA

Many people think it’s more cost-effective to hire a regular accountant or tax preparation service for tax returns. While that can be true, there are various reasons why you would want to hire a Certified Public Accountant.

Multiple Sources of Income

If you have more than one source of income, a CPA can make sure you are filing correctly as well as advise you on how to best save money.

A New Business Venture

There are paperwork and filings to be done when starting a business. A CPA firm with business experience can help make sure you file correctly and help steer things in the proper direction as well as helping with filing and helping understand the state employment laws, employee benefits, and advice on setting up proper bookkeeping.

Being Self-Employed

As with new business ventures that might include partners a trusted CPA can make sure you get all the benefits afforded to the self-employed and consult you on the proper financial planning of IRA’s and 401K’s.

College Savings

If you have kids you have probably already thought about saving for college or trusts should something happen to you unexpectedly. CPA’s have the tools to help you maximize your savings for your family’s future.


Perhaps you just came into a large sum of money or property. There are taxes associated with inheritance and it can be costly if you don’t know how to navigate it. Plus these tax laws change all the time. A CPA will be up to date on the latest codes.

Changing Tax Laws

In the very least you will want a certified public accountant simply because the tax laws change all the time and if you have any of the above scenarios and more in your life you want to make sure that not only are your taxes filed properly but that you are getting every financial advantage available for your personal or business situation.

Find out why so many clients trust their financial needs and tax preparation to Garcia & Associates, C.P.A. PLLC. When you are ready to talk to an experienced and trusted Nassau County CPA firm visit or give Garcia & Associates a call at 718-533-0300. We are ready to answer any questions you have about your personal or business financial situation and look forward to speaking with you.