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How to Choose a Professional Accountant to Handle Your Personal Tax Account in Plainedge, NY

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Factors to Consider when Researching a Firm for Help with Your Personal Tax Account

Sifting through receipts, documents and financial statements can be daunting. Especially if you are also a business owner and if you have moved beyond filing a 1040EZ tax form. There are state and local laws to take into consideration as well. An accountant in Plainedge has the resources and the knowledge to be able to make sure you file correctly and to your advantage as well. 

Five reasons to hire a professional to handle your personal tax account

1- An Accountant Knows the Tax Laws

Taxes are all about math. What’s a true tax deduction? What amounts can be deducted for daycare or camp? A qualified accountant understands the math involved with Nassau County tax laws, and can make sure your forms are filed accurately. Those rules are updated and amended periodically, your accountant keeps track of the changes so they can make recommendations that are appropriate and make sense for your personal situation.

2- You’re Self Employed

There are many things that concern a small business owner. How do you take into consideration a home office, transportation and car mileage, internet connection, equipment, and much more. There are tax advantages available to small businesses and a qualified accountant can help you navigate the tax write-offs available in Plainedge.

3- You Have Multiple Streams of Income

These days it is not uncommon for someone to own a rental property or have a side hustle to make money as well as full time employment. More than one stream of income is good for you and your bank account, but it makes your taxes more complex. You may be eligible for tax savings, or you may have to move into a different tax bracket. An accountant will be able to properly guide you with your personal tax account to make sure you file properly and get advantages available to you as well.

4- You Have Bought or Sold a Home

There are many tax issues that can arise from the buying or selling of property. An experienced tax accountant will be up to date on Nassau County laws that may apply to you during tax time. Having an accountant to be sure you file properly can save you a call from the IRS.

5- You’ll Save Time

Plain and simply, you will save a lot of time and frustration if you have no knowledge of the ever changing tax laws in Plainedge. This is an accountant’s area of expertise and they know how to dig right in, ask the questions necessary and can more efficiently pull it all together saving you time and in the long run money. They will also minimize your risk of being audited.

Your personal tax accountant can also advise you throughout the year on financial situations that might affect you at tax time. They can help you make decisions on investing, college savings as well as retirement planning. Referrals are a great way to find a trustworthy accountant who can guide you through your unique tax and financial situation.

When it comes time to choose an accountant you can rely on in Plainedge contact Garcia & Associates, C.P.A. PLLC. Our courteous professional team of accounting experts look forward to speaking with you about your financial and tax needs. Visit our website or give us a call at 718-533-0300 to see how we can help you.