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Are you a small business owner in the College Point, NY area? If so, chances are you’re probably managing your finances yourself. More than half of small business owners don’t have an accountant; instead, they take on the task of calculating their financials themselves. Do you know what the leading cause of small business failure in the United States? Ineffective financial management, which is directly related to – you guessed it – poor accounting practices.

If you want to reduce the risk that your company will join the countless other small businesses that have shuttered their doors and increase your chances of success, then you should seriously consider hiring a Queens County accountant. Why? – Let’s examine some of the most important reasons why employing a College Point, NY accountant is the best decision you can make for your small business.

Accountants are Financial Experts

When you’re having a medical issue, do you try to diagnose and treat it yourself or do you go to a doctor? Chances are you choose the latter, and for good reason; you aren’t a medical professional. The same idea can be applied to accounting.

Accountants are professionally trained and thoroughly understand the ins and outs of, well, accounting. Forecasting, P&L, payroll, invoicing; an accountant has the knowledge and experience that’s needed to effectively manage your income and expenses. While there’s no doubt you’re an expert in your field, unless it’s accounting, you should definitely ditch the DIY approach and let a reputable accountant handle the financial end of your small business.

Accountants Help Manage Growth

In order to achieve and maintain success, you need to plan ahead and make smart decisions that will help your business grow, but the fate of your future depends on your finances. Buying more inventory, bringing on more staff, and expanding your operations are just some of the ways that you can remain relevant, stay ahead of the competition, and increase your success; however, before you make any of these growth decisions, you need to know if you can handle them financially. Unfortunately, many a small business owner makes the mistake of investing in growth opportunities that they can’t afford, get in over their heads, and rarely do they swim back to the top.

By effectively managing and properly examining your financial reports, an accountant can offer expert insight about the decisions you plan on making to grow your business. With this insight, you’ll be able to make sound financial decisions that will grow your business and increase your success long into the future.

An Accountant Will Save You Time

Time: it’s the one thing small business owners never have enough of. No matter what industry you’re in or where your operations are located, there just never seems to be enough hours in the day. Developing new products, perfecting your services, training your staff, exploring new marketing avenues, attending to the needs of your clients; the list of things you need to do is never-ending. 

With so much to do, your time is spread very thin and every second counts. But of all of the things you need to tend to, there’s one area that tends to be more time-consuming than the rest: accounting. Going through piles of invoices, documenting receipts, assessing profits and losses (and tons of other accounting-related tasks); all of these things take a tremendous amount of time.

By hiring an accountant, you’ll be able to free up precious minutes and hours that you can use to focus on other aspects of your business (and maybe even take some much-needed time off!)

An Accountant Will Save You Money

More than 50% of small business owners take care of their finances on their own. Why? – Often, it’s because they think the DIY approach will save them money. In reality though, instead of saving money, they actually end up spending more. They make numerous mistakes, like overspending, missing expenses that could have been claimed, and mismanaging their cash flow; mistakes that can cost them an exorbitant amount of money in the long run.

There are numerous ways an accountant can save your College Point business a substantial amount of money; money that you can reinvest in your business and put toward your bottom line.

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